Airport Parking Guide

Airport Parking Guide

Booking a parking place at airport can be quite expensive and confusing. The best way to understand the parking zones at the airport is to visit the airport’s website and check the information on car parking.

If you would like to drop off or pick up someone at the airport, you can access Drop Off zones for that purpose. However, some airports do not have these facilities. In such airports, limited waiting time is imposed. In the Drop off zones, vehicles are allowed to be parked for only a shorter duration for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The costs of parking in these areas are usually high compared to other zones of the airport.

Short Stay parking areas is less expensive compared to Drop Off areas. If you wish to park your car for more than an hour or to six hours, you can make use of the Short Stay facility. Short Stay areas often have multi- storey parking areas to commute a large number of vehicles.

If you intend to stay for a longer duration i.e. for over six hours, you can access the Long Stay areas. Some airports have more than one Long Stay making it all the more convenient for passengers. You can also park you car here for several days but if you wish to park your car here for much longer duration, for instance for 15 days, it is advisable to book your parking space in advance to save on money.

In the entire parking zones available one can find dedicated bays for disabled drivers. Some airports also provide free parking spaces for the disabled drivers. You can also find dedicated parking zones for motorcycles at every airport.

Off-site parking areas or valet parking away from the airport can turn out to be much cheaper than parking your car at the airport. Except for the off-site airport parking zone, all the airport’s car parking zones are located very close to the terminal so that passengers can conveniently commute to the desired destination. Some of the off-site airport parking zone also offer free shuttle bus service to the airport and back.

You can benefit from facilities like regular patrols and CCTV cameras at most of the car parking areas. One should also keep in mind that different parking zones have height restrictions for vehicles that enter parking areas. Payment of car parking fees can be done easily through the exit barriers located at the parking zones. You can also pay the fee at various paying counters located at the terminal of the airport.

The best way to save the expenditure on car parking, you can pre-book your parking space online. Many airports offer attractive discounts if you pre-book online. This will not only save your money but also your valuable time. This option can be very handy when you have no time and are rushing to the airport. There are many websites available on the internet, which allow you to compare various airport parking companies and the services and prices they offer. Some of these companies also offer quality service like chauffer service, breakfast, hotel and other staying facilities.

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Airport Parking Options For Luton Airport

Airport Parking Options For Luton Airport
Luton airport is the smallest of the four London airports and has recently fallen to sixth position in the UK behind Manchester and Edinburgh airports. Notwithstanding this the airport still flies 9 million passengers a year to destinations throughout the world but is known more as a holiday airport primarily providing flights to Europe.

The airport is located 32 miles from central London adjacent to the M1 motorway at junction 10 and 15 minutes from the M25.

Easyjet established a base at the airport in November 1995 and during the last 15 years has been one of the main factors in the airports growth along with fellow low cost operator Ryanair and between them they fly to over 50 destinations.

The airport has introduced a fairly draconian policy of fining anyone dropping off customers on approach roads and outside the terminal of 80 which is reduced to 40 if paid within 14 days. To avoid this penalty you can either pay the 1 charge for up to 10 minutes and the passengers can then walk to the terminal which is 2 minutes away.

If you intend to travel to the airport and leave your car while you are away there are three on airport parking options namely; short mid and long term with the short term being the most expensive and the long term the cheapest.

An alternative to on airport parking is to opt for the one off airport car park which is around 10 minutes from the airport with transfers every 20 minutes 24 hours a day. This car park also offers a hybrid including the option to add a return greet whereby you park at the facility in the normal manner but upon your return your car will be waiting for you close to the arrivals terminal.

The last parking solution is to use a full Meet and Greet service and three companies offer this service making your parking an effortless and hassle free event where you are able to leave and collect your car close to the terminals.

The last parking opportunity is to stay at a hotel close to the airport and start your holiday early by having a leisurely drive down to the airport the day before.

At the last count eight hotels are offering this service and your car will either be parked at the hotel or you will drive to the secure off airport car park mentioned above and transfer from there and the return greet option can also be added.

Clearly if you go to the individual car park or hotel you will be unable to view these selections on one page for booking

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Jfk Airport Parking

Jfk Airport Parking
Gone are the days when travelers looking for parking coupons have to go through magazines and broadsheets to find the rare (and often measly) discount coupon. These days, air travelers trying to find the best bargains and discounts for parking at JFK Airport just have to go online for a few minutes, choose from among a wide array of parking options, and book their parking well ahead of their scheduled flight.

Thanks to the internet, people now have the power to choose their ideal parking at JFK Airport and to reserve their option instantaneously, with just a few mouseclicks – no calls or trips needed. Nothing can be easier, right? Wrong. The Smart JFK Parking app makes placing parking reservations easier and more convenient.

Launched by SmartPark JFK, the newest and reportedly, the finest JFK off-airport parking facility to date, the ‘Smart’ app allows users to login to the SmartPark mobile site and make reservations for parking at JFK Airport even without access to a computer using their cell phones only. Announced last autumn, the Smart mobile app promises to be a next-level customer service tool targeted at time-constrained air travelers.

“Today, more than ever, choices are plentiful but great service is not,” says Adam Smith, Director for Operations at SmartPark JFK. The Smart Park JFK mobile app “exemplifies SmartPark JFK’s broader commitment to the consumer, always thinking of ways to improve the customer’s experience.”

The main advantages of this app, of course, are the easy reservation capability without using any computer and the on-site hosting. This means that you don’t need to purchase the app or download it to your cell phone. Since it runs on SmartPark JFK’s servers, it won’t be eating up a lot of your cell’s battery time.

The Smart app is quite popular among the most tech-savvy 25-42 age group and also making inroads into the over 50 age groups. SmartPark JFK estimates that about 10% of all JFK long-term parking reservations are done through their app.

The main drawback that I can think of is that it doesn’t offer any other choices at all to the traveler. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – surfers in a hurry can easily place reservations in a couple of minutes, from any location as long as they have their cell phones with them. By contrast, it would take them 10 minutes at least to go through the various offers, if they have access to the pages of the other companies providing parking at JFK Airport. And, as mentioned above, the SmartPark JFK facility in Queens has just recently opened for business and offers one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Nevertheless, if you have the time, try to see what the other parking sites and hotels around the airport are offering. Whether you’re using the Smart app or your old laptop for browsing, the important thing is to find the best bargains out there – these are plentiful, as you will see – and book your parking in advance. See what other people are saying about the company you’re planning to do business with – apps and computers are great tools when you’re bargain-hunting for the best parking at JFK Airport but in the end, it’s the experiences (with these facilities) of travelers like you that really matter.

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You can book JFK Longterm Parking from his website

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Airport Parking

Airport Parking
Going on holiday can, unfortunately, be quite stressful. Many people forget to sort out last minute details that mean the day of travel can unexpectedly throw up many hurdles. One of the most regularly forgotten factors is airport parking. Depending which airport you fly from, it can suddenly raise the cost of your holiday by a significant amount.

Airport parking varies from official car parks within the airport itself, to farmers on the outskirts offering a space in their barn. Researching your options beforehand will mean you get a better rate, and can get as close to the airport as possible.

One other option to look into is nearby hotels. Many offer parking for the week and include transfers to and from the airport. This option can be very handy, especially if your flight is early and a stay in a nearby hotel makes the day easier for you.

Travel once you reach your destination is often not planned either. Transfers and taxis can add up, and it does mean you are limited to staying within your resort. Many more people are now choosing to take up car hire opportunities. The benefits are obvious, there are no more transfers to worry about, you can see as much of the country as you want, and these days there are plenty of cheap car hire companies around to ensure that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Although it doesn’t solve your airport parking costs, car hire is another part of holiday transport you need to think carefully about.

So this year, whilst you are shopping around for that perfect suncream to give you a golden tan remember to think about your transport needs for your holiday. Whether that’s researching cheap car hire or looking for the best airport parking rate, it’s best to get it sorted in advance.

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JFK Airport Parking

JFK Airport Parking

With growing air travel even vehicle parking traffic has also grown. John F Kennedy is one of the busiest airports of United States of America as New York is known for business activities. However parking is no big deal for visitors traveling from JFK airport. JFK parking airport is considered to be the busiest airports of the country. This is due to heavy air traffic and freight transportation. For the same reason it has separate areas for daily parking and long term parking. JFK parking airport is expensive as well if compared to other service providers. Customers are given all preferences and there requirements define our roles and responsibilities at Long term Parking Inc. For the same reason jfk airport parking space could be reserved or booked online. Customers can check the availability as per the desired date and time. It gives the estimated cost of the parking for required duration at the Long term Parking Inc. Customers can rest assure as there are no hidden costs and the estimate is correct at all times. It definitely gives the amount inclusive of taxes. The website also has directions and map available from most frequently used transit points like all directions from New Jersey, Connecticut etc. Directions are clear and point to point available. Map is the added benefit to the directions to identify the way to airport parking properly. Unlike JFK parking airport where only first come first serve works. Online reservation is a hassle free process which would get you the parking space booked in advance. Best feature is that there is no reservation or booking cost for online reservation. Customers are worried about the data security and for the same reason we would not need your credit card details to book the parking space for you. Best advantage of JFK Long-term Parking Inc is that it’s located at the most convenient point. It takes not more than 5 minutes from this parking to reach the jfk airport parking space. Time is money for today’s fast and busy generation. Distance and location matters a lot to the customers especially when the travel is at odd hours with big baggage. Jfk airport parking with us ensures best services with complete safety and security of customer’s car. We believe in caring for customers and their vehicles. To start with car parking area is huge and can cater to the maximum customers at all times. There are customer service associates available in the parking area to guide the customers at all times. To safeguard the cars we have high security of the parking space with 24hrs available guards manning the parking. Exceptional customer service considering customer safety is the goal whilst providing airport parking at jfk Long term Parking Inc. JFK parking airport also has lesser customers due to available options at better prices.

Author invites you to visit jfk Long term airport parking Inc at the official site at to know about the services they are offering. Website is designed for customers to get the complete details on car parking at jfk airport.