Airport Jobs: Schiphol

Airport Jobs: Schiphol

Airports like Schiphol Airport are probably the most important waypoints of the modern world. Millions of people pass through it every day. They head to vacations, business or family meetings or just to another town to have fun. On the other hand there is hardly anything more complex than a working airport. It requires sometimes thousands qualified employees to make everything work and has very high demands for workers involved in flight and security branches. It is a really serious task to control all the airport jobs and make them work together.

Lot of people are not very fond of living close to airports, but for others, who can get some ear protection and think a little different – an airport close by is means great job opportunities. Two main types are: airport jobs and supporting company’s jobs.

Airport Jobs
The main job provider at the airport is of course the airport itself. The company that owns the airport almost always has various vacancies ranging from janitor to some special IT workers. So there are plenty of possibilities there and if you happen to have an airport nearby make sure that you check their vacancies first.

Supporting Companies Jobs
Apart from a wide range of jobs as Airport staff there is even a wider range of work available from various companies that provide their services on the territory of the airport. If the airport has no vacancies for you – the small companies like food services surely have! Basically there are dozens of companies there and you can get any job in any of them.

Of course today a lot of people are a bit scared of working at the airports due to terrorism threats and related things. But actually people tend to see the problem and don’t see the solutions. All the current threats have caused counter-measures and today flying and working at the airports is 100 times safer than it was before all the problems started! Another reason is the stress that is usually present in every airport. Lot of people tend to skip the airport jobs section because of that, but unfortunately most of the jobs today have the stress option included. This means that starting at such a stressful place as an airport you will be able to get more tolerance toward becoming annoyed. Needless to say that this will be helpful not only in a professional career but also in everyday life.

Nevertheless modern airports are much much more than you might even think. The already mentioned Schipnol Airport for example has recently opened world’s first permanent airport library opened alongside the Rijksmuseum museum (offering a free and small overview of both classical and contemporary art presented by Dutch artists). The books are mostly by Dutch authors and on subjects relating to the country’s history and culture. The library also offers e-books and music by Dutch artists and composers for free for people who have laptop or a mobile device. You can even get married at this airport!

A big benefit of any airport is that it offers various jobs, so you can pick any job you like and become part of the huge airline industry! Check out the vacatures Schiphol for vacancies at Schiphol Airport and see for yourself!